I am a comic writer and comedian.  Why hire me?  I want to make sure that your project is your project.  I am not going to take it over, just help make it funny.  I am collaborative, but will tell you where to find the laughs.  But if you want me to run with it, I gladly will.  What are other reasons to hire me?  Well, check out these accolades:

Finalist on Bravo TV's SITUATION:COMEDY for my original sitcom, BAKED ALASKA.

Quarterfinalist in the Nicholl's Fellowships Screenwriting Competition, sponsored by the Oscars, for my screenplay, LIFE AIN'T NO DRESS REHEARSAL.

Quarterfinalist in the Austin Film Festival for my screenplay, THE CLASSY GENIE.

Standup comedian with enough war stories to make you glad that I do standup and not you!

Brian Newton Fuller - Writer